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Qalaa Holdings Chairman and Founder Ahmed Heikal, Co-Founder and Managing Director Hisham El-Khazindar and CMO & Head of Corporate Communications, Ghada Hammouda meet with Egypt’s top high school graduates in an event held in cooperation with Al Gomhoureya Newspaper
In a show of support and encouragement for Egypt’s youth and their academic achievements, Qalaa Holdings (CCAP.CA on the Egyptian Exchange), an African leader in infrastructure and industry, held an event in cooperation with Al Gomhoureya Newspaper to honor Egypt’s top Thanaweyya Amma graduates. The Thanaweyya Amma is Egypt’s general secondary education certificate given at all public and private schools that teach the national Ministry of Education curriculum in Egypt.
“These young leaders-in-the-making have reinforced our belief in the bright future of Egypt at this critical juncture in our nation’s history,” said Qalaa Holdings Chairman and Founder Ahmed Heikal. He urged the students to actively search for and seize any opportunity that they may have available to them, and stressed on the importance of patience and perseverance in order to achieve their goals. “Equally important is learning foreign languages, mastering computer skills, pursuing graduate studies and learning to take some calculated risks along the way. There will be obstacles of course but we must learn to accept and overcome challenges,” he added.
“I’m very proud of these outstanding young graduates and I wish them continued success with any field of study they choose to pursue. They are the cornerstone of building better communities and a better future for Egypt,” said Qalaa Holdings Co-Founder and Managing Director, Hisham El-Khazindar. He shared with the group of students from his own experiences and learned lessons and called upon them to pursue their passions in order to achieve their full potential and not to fear taking the road less travelled. El-Khazindar wished them ongoing success in their journey ahead.
Qalaa Holdings executives shared the company’s success story with the attendees and briefed them on the activities of the Qalaa Holdings Scholarship Foundation (QHSF), Egypt’s largest private-sector funded scholarship program established in 2007, which has to date awarded 138 Egyptian students full scholarships to pursue master’s-level studies in the United States and Europe at top-tier universities on the condition that they return to Egypt to work in their chosen field following the completion of their studies.
The students were exceptionally keen on learning more about QHSF scholarship opportunities as they previewed a documentary about the Foundation and listened to testimonials from QHSF alumni. QHSF has recently completed its ninth round of scholarship awards, granting scholarships to male and female students from 12 Egyptian governorates — including Cairo, Giza, Alexandria, Menoufia, Ismailia, Assiut, Gharbeya, Minya, Daqahleya, Qalyubeya, Aswan and Fayoum—to study in a wide variety of academic disciplines, with an eye to nurturing creativity and excellence in all its forms.
“One of Egypt’s most valuable assets is its youth demographic. Since we were founded in 2004, Qalaa Holdings has been committed to doing our part to build a New Egypt by investing in young Egyptian talent. This investment in education on the part of the private sector will be crucial in helping bring about stability and prosperity for future generations,” said Ghada Hammouda, CMO and Head of Corporate Communications at Qalaa Holdings. “Mastering the Thanaweyya Amma examinations as these students have done is a first step towards success and proof of great potential so it is incumbent upon all of us to encourage, guide and support them as they start their journey through college and life,” she added.
Qalaa Holdings will also be sponsoring Al Gomhoureya Newspaper’s annual trip for Egypt’s top Thanaweyya Amma graduates, which includes site visits to some of Egypt’s largest industrial mega-projects as well as a visit to top universities and major projects in Italy.