30 January 2017       Download

Qalaa subsidiaries TAQA Arabia and the Egyptian Refining Company (ERC) launch two new scholarships for students to study abroad at the most prestigious global universities; one of the scholarships focuses specifically on studies in the field of renewable energy and the second scholarship gives priority to students from the district of Mostorod
Qalaa Holdings (CCAP.CA on the Egyptian Exchange) is proud to announce that it is now accepting applications for its scholarship programs including two new scholarships that will provide Egyptian students with once in a lifetime opportunities to study cutting-edge disciplines abroad at some of the world’s most presitigous universities.
The first of these new scholarships, which is being funded by Qalaa’s energy subsidiary TAQA Arabia, specifically focuses on the study of renewable energy, a strategically important field for Egypt as it seeks to expand its energy capacity, and for TAQA Arabia as the company seeks to invest in alternative energy opportunities.
A second, general scholarship is also being offered by Qalaa subsidiary, the Egyptian Refining Company (ERC). While all qualified candidates will be considered for the ERC scholarship, special priority will be given to students from Mostorod, the district that houses ERC’s under-construction US$ 3.7 billion second-stage petroleum refinery and the largest private sector led mega project in Egypt.
Qalaa is also accepting applications for the 11th round of the annual Qalaa Holdings Scholarship Foundation’s (QHSF) post-graduate scholarships and the 2nd round of the May and Ahmed Heikal New York University (NYU) Scholarship.
All scholarship applications will be processed through QHSF and will be subject to the same selection criteria as the QHSF scholarships which are awarded to approximately 15 students each year to pursue graduate studies at top universities in the Europe and North America on the condition that they return and work in Egypt after the completion of their studies. Originally established with an endowment in 2007, QHSF has grown to become Egypt’s largest private sector funded scholarship program. Thus far, the Foundation has helped equip 151 of Egypt’s most talented and promising students with the experience and skills they need to become Egypt’s next generation of leaders.
In order to be considered for elligability, scholarship candidates must be Egyptian citizens residing in Egypt, and no older than 35 years of age. They must also have an official acceptance letter from the university in which they inted to study prior to applying. All applications must be received before 15 April 2017.